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Product photography is all about the details, where every ray of light, every angle, and every placement can make or break a shot. This great video will walk you through setting up and shooting a watch image while working to minimize the amount of time spent in post-processing.

I have such great respect for product photographers; they have way more patience and attention to detail than I could ever dream of. In this great video, Ed Gregory of Photos in Color shows how he conceives of, constructs, lights, and shoots a watch product shot. Perhaps most important in product photography is paying attention to the light and being extremely precise in its power and placement. Due to the increased need for precision, this will often involve some sort of improvisation or trickery to shape the light beyond what standard modifiers may offer. Because of that, it's excellent practice in lighting and something I personally think is worth undertaking once in a while even if product work isn't your specialty. And of course, with all the careful work and attention paid to the details, it's mighty satisfying when you get a great result.

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